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The Steering Committee of the Platform Industry 4.0 approved at its meeting on July 4, 2013, a conceptual representation and vision of ‘Industry 4.0’:

Basically, the term ‘Industry 4.0’ means the fourth industrial revolution, a new level of organization and control of the entire value chain of the life cycle of products. This cycle is based on the increasingly individualized customer requirements and extends the idea of ​​the contract for the development and manufacturing, the delivery of a product to the end customer to recycling, including all related services.

The basis is the availability of all relevant information in real time by linking all instances involved in the value creation and ability of the data to derive the optimal value flow at each point of time autonomously. By connecting people, and objects, dynamic systems are developed, optimized real-time and self-organizing, cross-enterprise value networks will be established and can be optimized according to different criteria such as cost, availability, and resource consumption. (Source: Platform Industry 4.0, www.plattform-i40.de)

Buzzwords like ‘Cyber ​​Physical Systems’, ‘Internet of Things’, ‘augmented reality’ or ‘Integrative Human-machine cooperation’ dominate the current debate on ‘Industry 4.0’, the fourth stage of the industrial revolution after the first power loom in 1784, the first assembly line in 1870 and the third stage of the industrial revolution, the first industrial application of programmable controller in 1969.

However, recent articles, dossiers, technical papers and occupational discourse focused on the technological aspects, vision and potential business opportunities for German industry.

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